Friday, April 17, 2015

A Poetic Reflection to the Day of Silence

After the Day of Silence lesson...

1. WRITE A POEM - no minimum - no maximum -  no word count - no required form.

Only requirement: Be thoughtful.


3. Plus PRINT a HARD COPY for Monday.

After Friday's class - Day of Silence: Watch and Listen as your Lesson Today

I would like you to respond in verse.

WRITE a thoughtful POEM
that incorporates words, thoughts, ideas from the videos from FRIDAY (or below).

Consider the following titles - please feel free to create your own:

"Get over it"

"Kids Can Be Cruel"

"They were wrong."

"The Underdog"

"Stop it"
"This is who I am"

"My Closet"

"Be Real"


"I love Nathan Lane"

"Be Authentic"

"Never Apologize"

"Your Story"

"Bust a Door Open"

What do you think would be a good title for a poem after hearing these videos?

Be original.


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