Monday, July 14, 2014

Overview: Poetry Workshop at EA

Overview for the week:
This week you will be creating a visual journal (in addition to your chap book),
so bring in favorite poems, magazines or materials for your journal. 

DAY 1. Seeing like a Poet

What is poetry?

Art as Observation to Interpretation to Liberation to Participation

Bring in Pictures:

  1. people 
  2. places
  3. picture of your choice

DAY 2. Pictures into Words
What is Ekphrastic poetry?

Bring in songs/lyrics

DAY 3. Listening like a Poet

Music as Poetry; Poetry as Music
How is poetry like music? How is it different?
Bring in favorite children's books.

DAY 4. "Feeling into Words"
What is a word? What is language? 
Journal about earliest memories of poetry, reading, or signing.

1. Interview friends and family and ask them: "Why does poetry matter to you?"
(It may not, but we are going to make the assumption that it does; then, see how they respond.)
Follow up questions: 
  • Who is your favorite poet? 
  • What is your favorite poem?

2. Record their response with audio or video recorder or journal.

Offer them your journal - they may want to write or even draw their response.

DAY 5. Why Poetry Matters:
What is the role of the poet? Does poetry matter?

Revise final poems.

Write your own Ars Poetica - a poem on poetry.

Assemble your chap book.

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