Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Poetry Meets Art: Re.Create the Tate Museum

A new Tate Britain is unveiled on 19 November 2013. To celebrate we're asking leading figures from the worlds of poetry, cooking, fashion, film, photography, music and comedy to share the creative processes behind their own work, inspired by 500 years of British art.

Inspired by: 
Untitled #38, Woman on Sidewalk, New York, 2002 2002
Paul Graham
Poet: George the Poet

The Chapman Collection
From the Tate: The Chapman Family Collection comprises 34 wooden carvings, allegedly rare ethnographic objects which the Chapman family had amassed over 70 years from former colonial regions. However, the inauthenticity of the objects becomes clear as closer inspection reveals repeated references to the world’s most famous burger chain, McDonald’s. The work appears to comment on modernism’s exploitation of so-called ‘primitive’ art by associating it so strongly with McDonald’s, an icon of capitalism. But it also draws attention to the way in which some museums classify ethnographic artefacts, draining them of their sociological and religious function and re-presenting them as aesthetic objects.
"Masks" by Scroobius Pip



Masks of the municipal mask marks seen as omissible.
Inimical impacts fade with invisible principles; as economical wind falls act as colonics for
the sinful.
Demonical becomes dominical.
Take fake smile and paint on Satan; then patent as your new patron.
Capitalisms jolly mascot;
Deaths desperate, dressed up despot.
All hail this grinning crackpot
All hail this grinning crackpot

Sacrifice to him our livestock
Saccharin smiles from him and his flock
Give to him our kith and kin
And slowly watch their hearts block

Lay upon his alter
Your pound of flesh or just a quarter
And pay no heed to all the deeds
They hide behind thy warder




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