Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday, the shopping poem

Black Friday, the shopping poem

John F. McCullagh

The people crowd the entrances 
at Malls all over town. 
To seize the choicest bargain deals, 
 They'd gladly knock you down. 
The retailers all hold their breath 
as shopping gets in gear. 
Will Santa fill his sleigh as hoped? 
 -or lay off more Reindeer? 
 There are plastic toys from China
colored with suspicious paint. 
Whip out your last credit card 
(-when you see the bills, you'll faint.) 
 "The children must have Christmas! " 
No request will be denied.
 Never mind your youngest child
 has just turned thirty five. 
Don't forget a gift for you 
Don't you deserve the best? 
 Shopping is such good therapy 
for the financially depressed

     I found this poem on Google. Over break my father and I went Black Friday shopping at Wal-Mart. We do it every year and I still don't know when we will have enough TVs to stop going. After watching two idiots get arrested I could not believe some of the people. It still gets me every year how crazy people are. Needless to say, this poem caught my eye.

     The playful nature with Santa filling his sleigh, really being those obsessive parents feeling obligated to give their child everything the want, just embodies the essence of some Black Friday shoppers. The allusion to lead paint and China seemed quite interesting. So many people just buy and buy and buy, yet they do not realize what they are really doing. 
Most interesting to me, is the finish of the poem. The thought of still babying your children and risking your life to buy a middle aged son a gift is ridiculous. Additionally, the American attitude and lifestyle of spending money to relieve the guilt of spending money.

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