Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I found this poem in a a book of local poets in a bookstore, in San Diego.

The poem spoke to me because between Senior Sem, College Apps and everything else, I feel like everything is going by too quickly. In the poem, the line that really spoke to me, "Time spends us. We are carried/ downstream helpless to turn back." I think a lot of people at Reserve probably feel the same way most of the time.

in time or out of it

We say, how can I find the time?
We say, we lost so much time.
We say, I'll spend time with you.

But time does not fit into our pockets
or purses. How can we spend
what we can never own?

Time spends us. We are carried
downstream helpless to turn back.
We live in time and drown in it,

not fish in that river so much
as flotsam, leaves fallen into rapids
that finally pull us under to dissolve.
|                                               - Marge Piercy

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