Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wisdom, Pain, and Getting High

I wanted to choose a poem which represented something that happened during this past break from school.  Originally, I settled upon a poem about Thanksgiving and the end of Autumn, but as I rested on the couch, the day after having my teeth removed, I decided that a wisdom tooth poem would be more interesting, considering that it would talk about a universal experience of pain and being high on drugs.  To find this poem I literally Googled "poems about wisdom teeth removal", and this poem came up. 

I chose this poem because of the use of white space and how Pearson uses this blank area to break apart words into letters in order to give the sensation of confusion.  Through this technique, the author is able to show what a person goes through after having their teeth removed, especially at the end of the first stanza where the drugged subject passes out mid-thought.

Wisdom Teeth Musings - by Lauren Christina Pearson 
It's quiet in my house,
except for m o  v   i   n   g air.
Soft snoring from    distant rooms,
and bedspring creaking under
s i t n  weight.
  h f i g

My mouth is bruised and swollen,
from teeth ripped from gums.
But pain meds drift me far away,
from everything I know.

Though sleep does e-v-a-d-e me,
I am bothered not with that.
For some of the best WoNdErInGs
happen when you're stoned.

Tomorrow will bring more swelling,
more chocolate pudding, and bloody gauze. But at least for awhile, I don't
have to run around like everyone else trying to get by.

At least for a while, I don't have to look like a chicken with it's head cut--!

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