Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rob Stephens... Does poetry matter?

NOTE: This took an interesting turn... possibly an answer that most people want to hear.

What is so special about poetry?
I think its a relative terms. Its one of those things that is nice to have, but it isn't necessary per say. 

Why do you think people value it so much then?
It's an art form. Not everyone can do it. People tend to look up to those who can do amazing things and there are people who can better craft words.

What does it convey to people?
Poetry is written in an ambiguous fashion. People can read the same thing and all get different meanings out of it. 

Favorite poem?
The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service. It's a child's poem. It is a poem that doesn't convey a deeper meaning. It is a story written in prose. It is simplistic and I like it.

No significance. It is just a story... It is about these people who live in Alaska. It is about Sam McGee... who is from Tennessee  Who dies. His friend finds him and sets him a blaze to 'respect him'. Sam wakes up and is thankful for the heat. Again no real meaning, it is just a story.

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