Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mom's Poetry Reflections

The Sin of Omission

by Margaret Sangster

    It isn't the thing you do dear,
    It's the thing you leave undone
    That gives you a bit of a heartache
    At setting of the sun.

    The tender word forgotten,
    The letter you did not write,
    The flowers you did not send, dear,
    Are your haunting ghosts at night.

    The stone you might have lifted
    Out of a brother's way;
    The bit of heartsome counsel
    You were hurried too much to say;

    The loving touch of the hand, dear,
    The gentle, winning tone
    Which you had no time nor thought for
    With troubles of your own.

    Those little acts of kindness
    So easily out of mind,
    Those chances to be angels
    Which we poor mortals find-

    They come in night and silence,
    Each sad, reproachful wraith,
    When hope is faint and flagging,
    And a chill has fallen on faith.

    For life is all to short, dear,
    And sorrow is all too great,
    To suffer our slow compassion
    That tarries until too late;

    And it isn't the thing you do, dear,
    It's the thing you leave undone
    Which gives you heartache
    At the setting of the sun.

Why This Poem?

     She likes this poem because it reminds her not to procrastinate acts of kindness.

Why Does Poetry Matter?

     Poetry matters because it's an art form for words. The words of poems help to awaken your senses to experience what the poet is describing. She likes the challenge of analyzing a poem.
                 "Poems move the soul." -Kathy Kramer

History with Poetry...

     My mom doesn't read much poetry. She remembers writing poems when she was young because she wanted to be a journalist at a young age.

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