Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Crash of Relief


Relief flows over you 

like an ocean breeze, 
cool, refreshing with a lift. 
It brushes away the strife 
your life was clogged with 
that dragged your soul down.

Relief lifts you up 
from the depths 
that have saddened your soul 
making you feel whole again. 
Ridding you of the feelings 
that have slated your life.

Relief now lifts you 
and gone is the emotional turmoil 
that blighted your being. 
Refreshed you feel 
a new wellspring 
in which your life can unfold. 

David Harris 

  It took me forever to quickly find a poem, when it should have take about ten minutes. I was being picky for some reason and then felt a sense of relief over and over again when I found poems that I thought were winners. Soon enough, I looked up "relief poems" and found this one in particular that reminded me of Edna Pontellier from The Awakening. This protagonist suffers through hardships and confusion, waiting until the end of the book to feel a sense of relief which she obtains by death. As the waves consume her body, Edna no longer has to feel burdened by her decisions, but relieved that she no longer has to face the consequences of her actions. This poem described how relief overwhelms a person like high tide, swallowing its victim, but saving him at the same time. 

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