Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Imagery is really what makes this poem what it is. Each line is a connection to a relate-able feeling that is found in everyday life. the burn you leave on my skin leaves a different fell though. Through these plausible and not references Emma Jane shows the intensity that is love.
Emma Jane.
Still want what I can't have
The smell of you floats on the air
The promise of you in the way you tease
The thought of you never far
The dream of you was once real
The nightmare now so true
The burn you leave on my skin
The taste of you on my lips
The feel of your hands always there
The tiny touchs that you still leave
The broken words never there
The sinful looks you throw my way
The memories of you are slowly killing me
The smell of you is more then enough to remind me of what I once had and can now never have again.
But I still want what I can't have.

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