Friday, November 2, 2012

Fight On

Fight On

Even as the flood consumes our world
We must continue on, we must set an example
So the rest of the world may look on and say
The words they would attribute to a hero

We are the heart of the nation,
Not the seat of politics, but of economics
For even as the world crumbles around us,
We work, not stopping, even for a moment.

Time and time again, we have been tested,
And each time, we rise to the challenge.
We will not let them break our spirit,
For only then can we be defeated

Do not close up shop, so not stop the train
For until we all lie dead, we will fight on
If our streets are flooded, we will paddle
If our office crumbles, we will rebuild

No disaster will stop us from living our lives
For as long as Lady Liberty stands on guard
Over the sinking shoreline of our mighty city
The world will know we are still here, fighting

Brothers, stand and live your lives
For even when we reach the eye of the storm
We will not lay down our arms and rest
For we are New York, and our work is never done

-Kevin M. Hoover

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