Thursday, November 1, 2012



The reoccurring home-wrecker
That hasn't seemed to learn her lesson.
She was unwanted.
Living in constant fear of rejection,
She forced herself to be noticed.
Sandy gets what Sandy wants;
Her wrath and pain must be felt throughout New York State
 For taking- better yet, snatching-
the limelight away from beautiful disasters such as herself. 
What about her makes her so unappealing?
Her ferocious temper that is shown through every gust of emotion,
as she exhales in relief-
releasing her pent up anger and frustration.
Her motion is beautiful,
Sweeping people off of their feet for miles.
There is attraction in her body,
making her incredible to follow and respect.
Though she may be charming, there is evil in her intent. 
You may be fascinated,
But don't ever question Sandy-
For others like her may return for their revenge.

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